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How to register on |
1. Open in your browser
2. Please direct to the Register
3. Fill in all fields, username, password, avatar, and CAPTHA,
4. If you have click register

Exp If you success :
Welcome to
Thanks for registering with You have made the right move to be part of the largest and growing meta blog and bloggers' community in Singapore.
Before you begin, please kindly check your mailbox ( for instructions on validating your email address.
If you cannot locate the email that we have sent you, please give it about 5 minutes time. Sometimes the information highway can get pretty jammed up. However, if you still do not receive the email after 5 minutes, you may wish to request for a resend of the email. On top of that, you may also want to add into your email address book just in case the earlier email was caught in a spam folder.
If for some reason you have problems receiving the email, please kindly drop us an email at stating your username, email and that you do not receive the activation email.
Thank you.

5. Please check your email for activation, and click the link that was there.

Exp if you success :
Welcome to - The Community Meta Blog. You have made the first move in joining the home for bloggers and we hope you will have a good time in discovering new blogs, making new friends with fellow bloggers and sharing your latest blog posts with the rest of the community.

However, before that, we hope you could do us a favor in verifying that this email indeed belongs to you. You can simply do so by clicking on the following link:

Once your email is verified, your account (yournickname) will be activated immediately and you can start logging in to and start adding your blogs ( ), editing your public profile ( ), adding friends and browsing the latest and most popular blog entries around the region.

If you did not register at, please simply ignore this email.

Thanks and we hope you will enjoy the service.

--------- - The Community Meta Blog

6. If it is verified, direct login immediately wrote,
7. To include your blog, please click on my blog, then enter your blog
Please enter your blog URL, for example:

8. Next step is to confirm you are asked to put code into your blog, get blog copy and paste and put it in your blog, preferably in the header or the footer.
9. Finally, the verification, in

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